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SCHOTT Presents its Solidur LEDs and Autoclavable Medical Connectors At AAOS

SCHOTT, already known in the medical industry as an established supplier of glass optical fibers, will present its Solidur LEDs and autoclavable medical connectors at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting for medical device manufacturers. SCHOTT will display these components along with an array of specialized lighting and imaging products at the San Diego Convention Center from March 15 through 17 at booth #1015.

Designed for medical and dental devices, SCHOTT Solidur LEDs and medical connectors can be autoclaved over 3,500 times, expanding the range of design possibilities available to medical device engineers and offering opportunities for new and distinct designs, all while meeting strict regulatory requirements for medical devices.

SCHOTT Solidur products are the first line of High Brightness (HB) LEDs that can be autoclaved. They have been tested to withstand up to 3,500 steam cycles at temperatures nearing 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The Solidur product line includes three basic designs that can be further customized: the Ring LED, TO LED, and Mini LED (which has a diameter of only 2.3 mm). Each is hermetically sealed using inorganic, non-aging materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of medical environments.

Autoclavable LEDs unlock innovative design possibilities, and the customizable Solidur® products allow device manufacturers to explore new designs and even integrate lighting into devices which traditionally lack illumination, such as retractors, surgical tools and equipment.

Other medical and dental devices, including endoscopes, drills, and curing rods can now be equipped with a fully autoclavable light source directly at the tip of the device, bringing the light source directly to the treatment site.

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