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Google Assistant can now control LIFX, TP-Link, Vivint, and Best Buy Insignia devices

A smart home hub, like the Google Home, is only useful if it can actually control your smart home stuff. The Google Home only shipped with a handful of supported devices and services, but over the past few months, that has expanded a great deal. In addition to the Wink devices we covered earlier, Google Assistant (and thus, the Google Home) now works with LIFX, TP-Link, Vivint, and Best Buy Insignia smart home products. Let's start with Best Buy Insignia, which is the company's own line of tech products. You're probably familiar with the Insignia TVs or tablets, but only the Insignia Wi-Fi smart plug is compatible (for now). Just like similar products from TP-Link and WeMo, this is pretty much just an outlet you can turn on or off remotely.

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