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Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are the hottest thing in interior grow lights for plants

Well, maybe ‘coolest’ is a better term than ‘hottest.’ One of the main selling features of LED grow lights is that they run much cooler than the competition and are, therefore, more energy-efficient. But LED grow lights are also more costly than conventional grow lights, so the question that you need to ask yourself before purchasing them is ‘Are they really worth the extra money?’

Before one can make a decision on whether or not to install LED grow lights (or any other grow lights, for that matter) it helps to understand a bit about what they are and how they affect plant growth. The scientific explanation of how LEDs work can be a bit headache-inducing at times. What works for me is to think of a single LED fixture as a structure that contains many small semiconductors (diodes) that restrict the flow of electrons whenever the fixture is plugged in and turned on. This restriction causes the diodes to

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