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Larson Electronics Releases LED Tractor Lighting Package for McCormick International MTX125

Larson Electronics, industrial grade lighting leader, released an LED tractor light package, complete with four LED spot lights, six LED flood lights, and two rectangular LED grill lights. This tractor light kit mounts in existing lamp holders for halogen lamps on McCormick International MTX125 tractors, making it an ideal upgrade solution with high output and increased energy-efficiency.

The LLP-MCC-TR-MTX-125-V2 LED tractor light package is designed for installation and use on McCormick International MTX125 tractors and comes with a total of twelve LED lights. These LEDs include: Ten Larson Electronics’ LEDEQ-3X3-CPR LED work lights, four of which come in a spot beam configuration for rear fender and top front cab lighting, six LEDs in a flood beam configuration for use as rear back cab, mid cab and top front cab illumination, and two Larson Electronics’ IL-LED-DLR-5X2 rectangular LEDs for use as grill lights.

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