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Luminus Devices enters UV-C LED market

Luminus Devices has announced the XBT-1313-UV and XST-3535-UV ultraviolet (UV) packaged LEDs targeting the disinfection and sterilization market segments. The new LEDs emit at 280 nm — within the UV-C band where emitted energy can instantly kill pathogens. Applications could range from water sterilization to usage in medical facilities to kill pathogens. We’ve been charting the progress of UV-C LEDs for several years. The UV-C LED technology — in terms of cost, radiometric power output, efficiency, reliability, and lifetime — has trailed the longer-wavelength UV-B and UV-A LEDs that are primarily used in industrial applications such as curing. We covered the basics of the UV bands in an article about presentations at Strategies in Light a few years back.

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