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Exclara Launches Lowest Cost LED Driver Solution

Exclara, Inc., a leader in advanced LED driver ICs and modules, today announced a breakthrough in solid-state lighting (SSL) with the launch of the Exclara HVX™ family that enables the lowest cost, smallest size LED driver solutions while improving efficiency, power factor and quality. Using Exclara's patented high-voltage driver technology, the HVX family makes high-voltage LED driver economically and physically effective to use in a commercially available product, paving the way for mass-market, 'sub-$10' LED lights.

The first member of the new family, the EXC100, is a single-chip power supply for high-voltage LEDs. This lowest-cost driver supports low parts count. Only a handful of supplementary components are needed, thereby reducing driver size and allowing it to fit into the base of a small bulb or on the LED board itself. For example, a 10W power supply only requires 10 to 15 components including the PCB. Integration of all control functionality required for high-voltage AC operation leads to lower cost solutions. This also allows a smaller overall power system and very low bill of materials (BOM) cost.

The HVX family has been specifically designed to deliver -- and improve upon -- the four essential performance requirements for volume LED applications: high efficiency, power factor correction, dimmer support and low EMI with maximum reliability and long life. HVX drivers achieve efficiencies of 90-96%, while the typical flyback DC system achieves 75-82%. HVX-based systems offer a high power factor because there is no utilization of reactive components, and HVX achieves even higher power factors as the internal controller performs the power factor correction. HVX includes dimming capability and is compatible with most dimmers on the market. As for EMI, while HVX performs internal switching, it is implemented in a way that does not produce large harmonics and meets FCC requirements without the use of external components.

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