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Amerlux Launches Hornet LED Low Voltage Track Luminaires

Engineered to replace Halogen MR16 track heads with high performance levels, Amerlux launches the Hornet LED family of low voltage high performance track luminaires. The new 15-watt LED Hornet is a true replacement for a 50-watt MR16 halogen fixture in lumen output and center beam candlepower (CBCP), with the capability to replace track heads currently being used on existing low voltage track systems. Amerlux, a leader of task-specific, energy-efficient lighting solutions, is raising the bar again as an innovator of low-wattage LED solutions for retail, supermarket, commercial and hospitality markets. Designed with an inconspicuous, miniature size that fits into the palm of your hand, the Hornet LED luminaires are precision engineered for optimal thermal and optical performance. A state-of-the-art 15-watt LED (developed after one year of research by Philips Lumileds) provides light output equivalent to 50-watt halogen lamp while using one-third the power. Life at 70% of initial lumen output is rated at 50,000 hours, which is more than 10-15 times longer than halogen providing for lower operating and maintenance costs with a great energy savings.

"Hornet represents a significant step forward in energy efficient lighting solutions for the industry," explained Frank P. Diassi, Chairman and Founder of Amerlux. "Our latest LED offerings represent groundbreaking developments in engineering, design and technology that provide significant energy savings and a multitude of benefits."
With full range dimmability and specialized optics, Hornet was designed in a variety of beam-spread distributions that provide controlled accent lighting with excellent visual comfort. Designed with field replaceable, tool-free optics, the Hornet can be adapted to a 15-degree Spot, that delivers 800 lumens a 28-degree Flood with 785 lumens, or a 45-degree Wide Flood that delivers 775 lumens.
Amerlux uses microbinned LEDs to maintain color quality and consistency from fixture to fixture. Hornet deploys a crisp white light at a 3000K constant color temperature and a CRI of 82 that delivers clean consistent beams free of projected heat and UV/IR radiation, making it optimal for lighting color or heat sensitive merchandise.
Accessories include a Double Bezel, which accommodates up to two forms of media, and a one-inch Frontal Snoot with Cross Blade that receives up to two additional forms of media. Media cartridges include the Hexcel Louver, Spread Glass Lenses, Color Filters and Cross Blade for better glare control and cut-off for special effects. 


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