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Park Outdoor Breaks Into Digital Market With Daktronics

Park Outdoor, an outdoor advertising company, recently partnered with Daktronics, Inc., an LED display manufacturer, to install their first digital display in Utica, N.Y. The fully-operational outdoor LED display was installed May 16.
Park Outdoor begins their foray into the digital out of home market with one of the most densely populated displays offered by Daktronics -- the 16MT. The display's pixels, spaced 16 millimeters apart, tightly arrange in a matrix layout. This layout uses clusters of three LEDs to create each pixel, making it possible to fit the most LEDs per square foot.
Jack Maurer, sales manager for the Utica division, says, "We want to capitalize on the flexibility that digital offers our clients. By installing this Daktronics digital display, we're staying on the cutting edge of outdoor advertising."
In addition to providing an affordable and flexible medium to their clients, Park Outdoor will use their new digital display to perform several public service functions by facilitating Amber Alerts, weather alerts and alerts from the local authorities.

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