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DOE publishes a Caliper report and subjective study on LED PAR38 lamps

The US Department of Energy concluded that all 38 models of PAR38 lamps tested surpass halogen lamps in terms of energy efficiency. Subjective testing of some models by IES members determined that single emitters performed best. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has published two reports on LED-based PAR38 retrofit lamps including an updated quantitative Caliper report on the lamps and a subjective report on light quality in which lighting designers rated various products. The Caliper report is an addendum to Report 20 in the DOE Caliper series that was initially issued in 2012, and the addendum covers six additional lamps and three additional benchmarks focused on the performance characteristics of the LEDs. The subjective report has been called Caliper 20.1 and covers the evaluation of beam quality, shadow quality, and color quality by lighting professionals.

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