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LEDs Set a New Standard For Club Level Tennis Court Lighting

Changes and advances in LED technology has enabled Access Fixtures, a leader in sports lighting, to design and offer a club level LED twin tennis court lighting system with our highest lumen output ever. Tennis clubs typically light courts in pairs, and demand a minimum level of lighting as well as even lighting. The new LED twin tennis court lighting package boasts light levels of more than 45 foot-candles in both courts while achieving extremely even light levels, a max/min ratio of only 1.8. Access Fixtures club level LED twin tennis court lighting system is rated LM70 for 100,000 hours, greatly reducing maintenance and energy use. The new club level LED twin tennis court system retails under $38,000.
Access Fixtures' newest club level performance LED twin tennis court lights produce an average of 45 foot-candles providing even, high CRI, white light for club level tennis matches. Each LED luminaire produces over 53,000 lumens while using only 378 watts for an incredible 140 lumens per watt. Mean luminaire lumens exceed that of 1000w metal halide while using only 8,316 watts which is 48% less energy than metal halide. The LED luminaires are rated for LM70 at 100,000 hours and have a 5-year warranty. LED tennis court lighting systems include 25' poles, mounting hardware and high performance LED luminaires.

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