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Hitoplux develops 130-lm/W UFO LED luminaire for industrial lighting projects

Hitoplex has released a new UFO shaped LED luminaire model, with good heat dissipation & high lighting efficacy. It is designed to replace conventional LED high bay lights and metal halide, HPS & mercury vapor lights. Applicaties are in the area of workshop, warehouse, toll station, supermarket, exhibition hall, gymnasium and other indoor and outdoor high ceiling applications.

• Patented heat dissipation system guarantees stable performance of the LED luminaires
• Equivalent to 600~700W HID
• Light efficacy 110~130 lm/W
• Top brand Philips SMD LED with LM-80 certification
• Mean Well power supply, exposed to the air directly with specially designed heat sink fins, spreading the heat to the air very quickly, thus enhancing the lifetime of the lamp
• Hitoplux's PCB is four to six times larger than competitors, which leads to higher efficiency of heat dissipation and a longer lifespan of the individual LEDs
• Aluminum alloy housing and electrostatic sprayed surface reaches good resistance to corrosion, complying with UL & CUL standard
• IP65 waterproof

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