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LumenFlow optical and LED technology powers Light-Speed's horticultural lighting

Partnering with two other Michigan companies, Grand Rapids-based LumenFlow has designed and developed an advanced photonic LED solution that ensures the uniform distribution of light with a specific spectral profile that encourages plant growth. This technology was used by Light-Speed USA, which was recently announced the winner of NextEnergy Lighting Challenge, a statewide competition designed to drive technology innovation and economic development in Michigan.

“Our task was a challenging one: Develop an LED solution that would incorporate spectral requirements and project uniform, high-intensity light for use in an urban commercial greenhouse setting,” said Brian Zatzke, chief operations officer at LumenFlow. “Simply adding conventionally configured LED arrays and off-the-shelf optics wasn’t the answer – those approaches are inefficient and create hot spots or shadows, which would not be conducive to uniform and predictable plant growth.

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