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Crystal IS Expands Line of Lattice Matched Commercial UVC LEDs

Crystal IS's newest Optan product is a deep UV LED in a TO-39 package with a flat window. Like the recently introduced Optan ball lens (BL) and surface mount devices (SMD), the high-performance UVC LED is based on native Aluminum Nitride (AlN) substrates, Crystal IS's award winning, proprietary technology. Optan is the only lattice matched commercial UVC LED available today. Optan provides a unique technology platform for increased detection sensitivity, proven to overcome limitations of other UVC LEDs in the market as well as traditional UV lamps including deuterium and xenon flash lamps.

Optan Flat Window can be used to monitor processes in industrial manufacturing; clean-in-place operations in the food and beverage processing industry; and in chromatographic processes used in protein purification and pharmaceutical manufacturing. In these processes and industries, UVC LED based sensors have been shown to lower costs, increase productivity and meet regulatory and quality control requirements.

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