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Molex Introduces TranscendConnected Lighting System with Cisco Technology

Molex, LLC of Lisle, Illinois, reported that it is working with Cisco and luminaire manufacturing partners to launch the Transcend®Connected Lighting System. The Transcend®Connected Lighting System integrates Cisco Solutions Technology for connected commercial LED lighting. Molex says that the TranscendConnected system uses highly secure network architectures in educational facilities, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, and warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

According to Molex, the Transcend Connected Lighting System is an intelligent, low-voltage network that can both power and control LED light fixtures and other devices. The system also offers an array of applications that Molex says enable smart building convergence over IP, feeding multi-sensor data to a central host. The data provides building analytics and can monitor light status, real-time energy consumption, air quality, temperature and humidity control, and more.

Molex noted that its Transcend solutions employ leading edge technology that use standard and proven Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications, such as data and VoIP. The open and scalable Transcend control system supports IEEE802.3x standards. Molex asserts that the low-voltage, centralized PoE infrastructure enables extremely reliable, fully connected, and highly secure system. Molex claims that PoE infrastructure is easy to install, program, integrate, maintain and upgrade, enabling significant cost savings compared to conventional lighting.

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