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Lighting Science Unveils New Circadian Rhythm-regulating Platform and LEDs

Boasting a 97+ CRI, Series A+LEDs perform brilliantly in any application demanding high color saturation, vivid definition or directional highlights. From commercial and retail environments to restaurants, hotels and even museums and galleries, Series A+ features state-of-the-art color rendering that can be programmed to bring out specific colors in any setting. For lighting designers everywhere, Series A+opens up a new set of tools that give greater control over mastering the built environment.

“The Series A+ product was designed to provide the state of the art in light delivery,” stated Lighting Science Chief Technology Officer Fred Maxik. “By utilizing next-generation LEDs, these lamps deliver astounding color accuracy and efficiency—surpassing any current industry standards. The proprietary integrated power supply was designed to amplify dimming performance and compatibility. Additionally, the precision optical design combined with an innovative but designer-friendly lamp form feature allows for a diverse range of beam angles and the unique ability to modify that beam in the field. Partnering with the engineering leaders of their respective fields ensures the Series A+ will be on the forefront of lighting quality for discerning clients and reinforces Lighting Science’s position as a true leader in future of light.”

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