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Larson releases new flood light kit

Industrial lighting leader, Larson Electronics LLC, has released a flood light kit that directly replaces and upgrades existing OEM lights for John Deere 9500 Combines. This LED light kit consists of six 45-watt LED flood lights – to replace the existing top front cab lights.

The LLP-JD-CMB-9500 from Larson Electronics is a set of six LED flood lights that directly replace John Deere 9500 Combine lights. The LED lights are 4 by 6-inch automotive headlights suitable for lighting systems in trucks, cars, tractors and industrial equipment. The six, 45-watt LEDs operate on 10-20V DC and emit 1,800 lumens each on low beam and 2,600 lumens on high beam.

The lights have sealed beam installation holes and feature high and low beam settings with a bright white output. Clear polycarbonate lenses protect the LEDs from dust and dirt and allow the lights to withstand light impact. An IP67 rating provides waterproof protection and a breathable design produces exceptional airflow that prevents the lamps from fogging in humid environments. The addition of a chrome reflector ensures the LEDs will illuminate efficiently in dark operations.

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