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New Bedside Lamps Offer Healthy Twist to Bedtime Routine

Lighting Science, the LED lighting pioneer that introduced the GoodDay and GoodNight A19 bulbs and that utilizes the latest research in circadian neuroscience, announced the launch of a new line of consumer lamps. These lamps use the company’s proprietary sleep spectrum technology to produce a healthy benefit compared to conventional lighting, creating a calming, sleep-promoting environment for both adults and children.

The GoodNight lamp minimizes blue-light spectrum, which is known to cause sleep disruption, that exists in light emitted by televisions, cell phones, and other lighting sources within the home. GoodNight’s patented spectrum technology allows the body to naturally prepare for sleep, supports a deep and restful sleep, and helps maintain the body’s natural circadian rhythm. The GoodNight lamp provides a comfortable, warm light with high color rendering in a modern fixture that fits in any interior space.

Similarly, the Sleepy Baby Nursery Lamp encourages infants and children to develop healthy sleep and wake patterns right from the start, helping them fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and fall back to sleep quicker if they should wake during the night. This colorful lamp, featuring a light-hearted elephant illustration, is a fun and healthy addition to any child’s bedroom.

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