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Access Fixtures' 15W round bollard lights feature Samsung LED chips

Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and sports lighting, is introducing new 15w LED bollard lights with specialized aluminum cone reflectors. The new 15w LED Round Flat Top Bollards with Aluminum Cone and 15w LED Round Dome Top Bollard with Aluminum Cone both feature 15w LED arrays with Samsung LED chips. The LEDs are mounted in the head of the LED bollard, facing down with a wide beam spread to effectively light the surrounding area. LED bollard lights are ideal for illuminating walkways, streets, and driveways of residential and commercial areas.

“This is the lowest price that Access Fixtures has ever been able to offer for LED round bollard lights with integrated drivers,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “Haitz’s Law states that the cost per lumen falls as the amount of light generated per LED package increases. This is certainly demonstrated with these bollard lights.”

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