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New polycarbonate sheet products from Bayer provide OEMs with additional options for lighting lenses

LEDs are advancing lighting options, both in design and functionality, yet consumers are looking for more. They look for high-quality lighting, durability, safety and attractive aesthetics. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) require these same properties in materials to meet consumer needs. Bayer MaterialScience LLC offers OEMs a broad range of polycarbonate sheet materials for their lighting needs.

Bayer is further expanding its broad range of polycarbonate sheet products for lighting applications, launching two material grades at Strategies in Light 2015. 

Makrolon DX-NR polycarbonate sheet provides high optical performance, balancing light diffusion and transmission. Its outstanding outdoor weathering performance, enabled by co-extruded, UV-resistance technology, makes it ideal for exterior applications. OEMs using Makrolon DX-NR polycarbonate sheet for lenses are able to achieve enhanced aesthetics thanks to the material's non-glossy and non-reflective appearance.

Also debuting at Strategies in Light is Makrolon Lumen XT LC0 polycarbonate sheet. Joining the extensive Makrolon Lumen XT polycarbonate product line, this new grade further expands the diffusion level options, and enables lighting designers to create even more energy-efficient lighting fixtures.

This high-performance material has achieved a UL 94 V-2 flammability rating. Additionally, Makrolon Lumen XT polycarbonate sheet resists high temperatures while providing outstanding, uniform LED light diffusion and minimizing hot spots while maximizing light transmission.

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