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Trio Electric guarantees LED pay back

Trio Electric, a Houston based full-service electrical contractor, recently completed a lighting retrofit of nine locations for Star Furniture, converting the retailer's showrooms to LED lighting to increase energy efficiency and light quality. The new energy-efficient LED technology has delivered on Trio's promise of savings and financial return on the cost of the retrofit. In fact, Star realized a 100% return on investment within one year of installation of the new LED lamps. Trio was instrumental in guiding Star through the process of applying for utility rebates and incentive programs that covered a significant portion of the retrofit costs.

A lighting retrofit is a quick and easy way to make a good return on your investment. Trio provides customized programs that produce sustainable savings by lowering electric bills, HVAC and maintenance costs while also decreasing a company's carbon footprint. Industry experts forecast that production and usage of LED products will continue to escalate as thousands of square feet of real estate are slated to be retrofitted, including office buildings, manufacturing facilities, schools, multi-family housing, medical facilities and retail spaces.

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