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LG Innotek announces 3.5-mm packaged LEDs that hit 182 lm/W efficacy

LG Innotek has announced the H35C4 LED Series with what the company claims is the highest efficacy on the market. The 3.5×3.5-mm high-power LEDs can be driven at up to 5W and are squarely targeted at high-output general solid-state lighting (SSL) applications such as street lights and high-bay fixtures. LG says that the LEDs will ship in volume production during October.

The new packaged LEDs arrive with a maximum efficacy claim of 182 lm/W when driven at 350 mA and forward voltage rated in the 2.7V to 3V range. The company stated the maximum efficacy is 10% higher than any competitive high-power LED products from other manufacturers and 13% better than its prior offerings in a similar form factor. At 700 mA, the efficacy drops to a still respectable 152 lm/W at a junction temperature of 85°C.

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