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Seoul Viosys partners with Watersprint on UV-LED-based water purifier

Ultraviolet (UV) LED technology continues to make news based on the potential of such LEDs to enable new applications, and sterilization and disinfection are among the brightest possibilities. Now Seoul Viosys said it is supplying the Violeds UV LED technology to Sweden-based Watersprint for use in small water purification systems. The duo will work with the society-focused Yunus Center to deploy the purification technology in Bangladesh, where much of the water used for drinking and cooking is tainted with arsenic.

While UV LED technology is most common today in applications such as printing and curing that use light in the UV-A band, advances in the shorter-wavelength UV-B and -C bands will enable more-affordable portable sterilization systems. We first reported on the sterilization application in an article that covered a UV-centric presentation at Strategies in Light.

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