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Aura Light linear LED luminaire provides tunable white lighting

Aura Light’s new Lezzon linear LED luminaire is one of the latest products to join the market offering a stylish twist to the classic favourite linear luminaire.

Lezzon forms a part of Aura Light’s architectural range of luminaires that offer a modern lighting solution for offices, schools, universities and other public spaces. The luminaire offers a more stylish and unusual outline compared to a traditional linear luminaire and is wire suspended for an exciting, contemporary addition to any room.
The linear LED luminaire now also incorporates Aura Light’s Tunable White technology to allow users to adjust the colour temperature to promote natural light levels which is known to improve productivity and concentration levels, a particular benefit to working and educational environments.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden, Lezzon is the work of lighting designer Joachim Engstrand based on the advanced ‘Z-core’ light engine platform which is used in a number of Aura Light’s latest luminaires. Z-core based luminaires offer the highest efficiency rates due to their exceptional thermal management properties.

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