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Aleddra Announces the First Omni-Directional LED PL Lamp

Aleddra LED Lighting announces today that the much anticipated CFL PL replacement bulb, CF-LED lamp is now available for sale in the US market. Unlike existing LED PL lamps, which are restricted to either horizontal or vertical mount, Aleddra's CF-LED can be used for either horizontal or vertical application thus reducing down time and labor costs involved with counting how many lamps of each application are required.

The CF-LED lamp is available in four different bases: GX23-2 (2-pin), G24Q (4-pin), E26, and GU24. The 2-pin and 4-pin models are a dual-mode lamp; that is, they can operate with an existing PL lamp ballast or line voltage. The end user can install the CF-LED PL lamp and postpone the labor involved in ballast bypass until the ballast meets end of life. Or in the event of an incompatible ballast, the CF-LED lamp can be wired straight to line voltage and function as if it would with a ballast.

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