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Horticultural LED system brings vertical farming to biomass crops

Smart Grow Systems has announced the Goldeni LED horticultural lighting system that is intended for optimizing propagation and flower cycles in vertical-farming installation for crops such as cannabis, orchids, hops, and berries. In such crops, increased biomass is the typical goal of growers and Smart Grow Systems claims that Goldeni will produce more biomass, support faster cycles, and more effectively use space.

In crops such as tomatoes or cannabis where biomass is the goal and crops generally grow tall, LED or legacy lights are installed well above the plant canopy and serve as the primary radiometric energy source indoors or as a supplemental source in greenhouses. In crops such as leafy greens and herbs, the latest movement is to vertical farms where many racks of plants are stacked and in which the LED lighting is placed very near the plant canopy.

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