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Samsung announces mid-power 3030 packaged LED

Samsung Electronics has announced a new version of the 3.0×3.0-mm LM301 packaged LED family that now delivers 220-lm/W efficacy at a drive current of 65 mA. Lumileds is moving to add features to its Level 2 Matrix light engines to further simplify the task of luminaire makers bringing new products to market. Everlight Electronics has filed a suit in United States District Court against Bridgelux, and now Bridgelux has said the Everlight claims are without merit. Over the course of the past couple of years, Samsung seems to have focused more on the performance of its 5630 (3.6×3.0 mm) LM561 packaged LED family than on the LM301 family in its mid-power portfolio. Last year, the company pushed efficacy in the performance-oriented LM561C to the 200-lm/W level.

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