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LED Lighting Makers Adopt Seoul Semiconductors SunLike Series

Since Seoul Semiconductor debuted its SunLike Series LEDs at the end of June 2017, several LED lighting firms have adopted the novel LEDs for certain products. The company contends that the SunLike Series closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight, and maximizes the benefit of natural light while reducing the health-related drawbacks of artificial light. All artificial lights cause some level of sleep disturbance and suppress melatonin secretion. However, blue light does it for a longer period and with less powerful exposure. Blue light is also linked to retinal damage, and macular degeneration. Additionally, prolonged sleep and circadian rhythm disturbance such as that of night-shift workers under artificial lights has also been linked to more serious health issues ranging from obesity to heart disease, depression, and even certain types of cancers. Blue light is especially potent in inducing sleep disturbance.

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