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FoxFury is Bringing its Portable Crowd Control and LED Area Lights to SWAT Round-Up

FoxFury Lighting Solutions, designer and manufacturer of professional portable LED lighting, will be exhibiting at the 29th Annual SWAT Round-Up International next week in Orlando, Florida. FoxFury will be featuring its easy-on LED shield lights and portable LED perimeter and command post lights. This will be the first year that FoxFury exhibits at this event, which runs November 6-11.
FoxFury will have its powerful PRO and Discover shield lights on display. These LED shield lights mount via industrial Velcro and affix to any ballistic, riot or entry shield. These lights emit up to 560 lumen and feature a disorienting Turbo-Strobe for riot and crowd control scenarios.
FoxFury will also feature its Nomad portable rechargeable LED Area-Spot light. As a spotlight, the Nomad serves as a perimeter light that is too bright to see past, which gives SWAT and other special operations a tactical advantage. Attaching the diffuser lens quickly converts the Nomad into a wide angle area / flood light for use at an incident command post. The Nomad stores as a 33” tube, weighs 17 pounds and deploys fully in 20 seconds.

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