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Hubbell Introduces New LED Roadway Luminaire

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting Inc introduces two new versatile LED products in their leading outdoor lighting portfolio. The new Roadway RM LED Series delivers a complete and powerful LED roadway solution producing 6087 lumens in a 3G rated traditional cobra-head. The Roadway RF LED Retrofit Kit provides a versatile solution to upgrade existing 100-175W cobra-heads in any NEMA compliant fixture.
Designed to provide energy efficient LED solutions for roadway lighting, the Roadway RM LED Series delivers more visible and uniform light with state-of-the-art optics featuring 48 LEDs (68w) at 4800K which deliver an unprecedented 89 lumens per watt. A custom die-cast heat sink assures LEDs operate within design temperatures for excellent efficiency and LED life of 48,000 hr L90 / 100,000+ hr L70. Made in the USA in the traditional roadway design, the new luminaire can be easily installed on existing poles and brackets providing a quick retrofit solution that minimizes installation costs and delivers excellent LED performance and a low maintenance solution. The Roadway RM LED features a Type II medium cut-off distribution , twin clamp mounting with leveling capability, a bird shield, two door easy service, terminal block, surge protector, LED ANSI label and it is available in both a gray or bronze textured paint finish.

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