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LED streetlights switched in historic Leipzig

Braun Lighting Solutions of Berlin has worked with Future Lighting Solutions to install LED lighting in the historic Schinkel street lights in the city of Leipzig. The Schinkel lamps have been a fixture in the city since the industrial revolution in the mid-19th century, and the gas light with its warm atmosphere was characteristic of the city at night.
The conversion to LED technology will increase energy efficiency, durability and lower maintenance costs.
The LED lamps consume only 22W, compared with the 85W power consumption of the lamps they replace. The switch to energy-efficient LEDs is expected to reduce the street lights’ CO2 emissions by 60.8 tonnes per year.
Distributor Future Lighting Solutions helped in the design phase by providing a simulation of the first prototype, implemented at its Lighting Resource Center in Montreal, Canada. Future Lighting Solutions also helped with the selection of electronic lighting components and connectors.

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