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Samsung Electronics' flip-chip packaged LED delivers range of operating currents

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, has introduced the LM301A, a flip-chip-based mid-power packaged LED that can operate at anywhere from 0.2 watts to 1 watt — providing a wide range of current options, resulting in much improved light efficacy. The packaged LED was announced at a press conference, in conjunction with LightFair International 2015.

Coming in a 3.0mm by 3.0mm form factor that is increasingly popular in LED lighting applications today, the LM301A’s lower and wider current alternatives are a result of Samsung flip chip technology, which allows the LED chip to have the shortest distance from the junction to the base of a package, and eliminates the need for metal wire bonding in the packaging process. These changes enable much lower heat resistance compared to conventional epi-up chip technology – an approximate five percent temperature drop per watt within a more desirable 25°C to 85°C temperature range.

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