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LG Innotek launches UV LED module for sterilizing water purifier faucets

LG Innotek succeeded in mass-producing ultraviolet (UV) LED module that sterilizes the inside of water purifier faucet aerators. The company started to mass-produce the UV LED module for sterilizing water purifier faucet aerators at the end of the last month. This product is built in LG Electronics’ new direct water purifier “PuriCare Slim Updown” launched in March in the Republic of Korea.

A water purifiers faucet aerator always holds a small amount of water. This part is prone to contamination due to the growth of germs that come in with the influx of air. However, it was difficult to install a sterilizer inside a faucet aerator because its space is too narrow.
LG Innotek developed a UV LED module customized for the faucet aerator that has strong sterilizing power and is harmless.

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