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Magnalight Announces Addition of Economical LED Alternative to Traditional Light Towers

Larson Electronics' has announced the addition of an LED light tower that provides an economical yet powerful alternative to halogen and metal halide light towers. Designed to provide high quality illumination for large areas, the WALTP-2XWP400 LED light tower produces as much light as comparable halogen towers and rivals metal halide units for total area coverage. Costing less than traditional HID towers, this LED light tower provides further savings through greatly reduced energy consumption and no need for frequent bulb replacements.
The WALTP-2XWP400 Telescoping Tripod Light Tower from Magnalight is designed to provide brilliant illumination rivaling the output from traditional halogen and metal halide towers while reducing purchasing and operating costs. Equipped with two waterproof and vapor proof 40 watt LED light heads producing a total of 2,924 lumens, this light tower can be extended from 4 feet to 9 feet in total height. Each LED light head is constructed of aluminum and finished in a durable powder coat for durability and resistance to corrosion. Polycarbonate lenses provide impact resistant protection for the LED lamp assemblies and integral cooling fins provide efficient cooling to extend and preserve these LED's 50,000 hour lamp life rating. The rugged aluminum tripod can be extended from 4 feet to 9 feet in height and has a removable light head bracket and collapsible legs to provide easy take down and transport capability. The light weight of the LED assemblies and rugged tripod construction provides excellent tower stability, even in windy conditions. Each LED light head is wired independently, allowing operators to run either one or both of the lights if desired. The light output from this unit is equal to a dual 400 watt halogen equipped unit, but the light produced is much whiter, with better color rendering and contrasting without the yellowish tint associated with halogens. The special LED and reflector design provides a light beam that exceeds 250 watt metal halide lights in total length; all while using only 80 watts at .90 amps of total power. This unit uses far less power than either metal halide or halogen light towers, and has none of the associated high heat or fragile filaments and glass that can make traditional towers hazardous and costly to work with. This unit provides big illumination in a small package that can be easily stowed and deployed in a very short amount of time, making it an ideal lighting solution for first responders, emergency utility services, maintenance operations and outdoor events.

Based on photometric data and observation, this tripod mounted, 2 headed mini LED light tower will provide similar light output to two 400 watt metal halide flood lights," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics' "This is very cost effective, highly durable LED lighting solution for difficult environments, with the flexibility to position the lights as low as 3 feet and as high as 12 feet."

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