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Larson Electronics Releases 2,000 Watt High Intensity LED Light Tower

The LM-25-3S-4X500W-LED-TLR manufactured by Larson Electronics features a rotating boom that allows for 360° of rotation, a removable mast head affixed with four 500 watt LED light fixtures, and an easy fold over assembly, all mounted to a 14’ single axle trailer. This three stage trailer mounted light boom can be extended to a height of 25’ for effective coverage and collapsed to 12’ for transporting and storage. The mast is elevated from its folding position with a 2,500 pound hand winch that is fitted with 3/16” galvanized steel cable and a second 2,500 pound winch provides the 12’ to 25’ elevation of the mast. By loosening a single T-Handle, the mast can be rotated 360° in either direction and locked it into place once the desired position is found.

This light mast includes four wet area suitable LED light fixtures that produce a combined total of 508,000 lumens and drawing 2,000 watts. A 52” long mounting plate constructed of 2” by 2” by ¼” thick carbon steel is attached to the upper section of the mast which provides a strong and stable platform for the four light fixtures. Each floodlight is securely fastened to the mast head with an innovative trunnion style stainless steel bracket that allows the light to be adjusted through 180° of vertical movement. These LED lights offer increased durability, longer lamp life, and lower power consumption when compared to the 1,000 watt metal halide equivalent. This LED light tower is equipped with forty feet of 16/3 chemical and abrasion resistant SOOW cord that is fitted with an industrial grade cord cap for easy connection to common outlets.

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