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Wi-Fi smart lights let you set the mood or party down

While the most striking thing about Loftek-Sansi’s Wi-Fi Smart RGB LED bulb is that it changes colors in time to music, it also serves other purposes. Whether you have a fully connected smart home or just want to try a single bulb, this one can get you started.  Loftek-Sansi also makes a Wi-Fi Dual Color Temperature White Bulb if a full-color spectrum bulb with rhythm isn’t on your must-have list. The two lights share some characteristics and features. Both are 10-watt, 800 lumen LED bulbs suitable to replace 60-wattt incandescent light bulbs. Each has an E26 base — the standard size for most bulbs — and both are dimmable. The bulbs connect with and are controlled by an Android or iOS mobile app via Wi-Fi.

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