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Pre-orders for Sylvania Smart+ A19 Full Color Light Bulb start

The HomeKit-enabled Sylvania Smart+ A19 Full Color Light Bulb can be controlled individually or in groups as part of scenes. Features include turning it on and off, dimming it, adjusting it from a cool white for concentrating to a warm white, and changing it to one of millions of colors. Control outside the home still requires an Apple TV or iPad. No bridge is required, like needed for Philips Hue and Lutron systems. While no details were provided, the Sylvania Smart+ line will expand with A19 Soft White Light Bulb, Indoor Full Color Flex Strip, and Plug soon.


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  2. This full color light bulb is beyond amazing and I love the fact that it can e controlled with an Ipad . Thanks to this post that I got to know about this new technology.


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