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Venture Lighting offers energy-saving LED corn lamps for retrofits

Venture Lighting Europe has introduced new high efficiency Retrofit LED Corn Lamps to its growing range of VLED products for the industrial and commercial markets. The company has launched its own version of the well-known lamp as a high performance solution for new or retrofit installations that can save businesses a significant amount of money.
Available in six outputs, the new range of LED Corn Lamps are a sustainable and cost-effective direct replacement for traditional halogen, incandescent and HID light sources across a vast range of applications. With a 360° light distribution the lamps are a particularly good addition to round reflector or wide-distribution luminaires, which can cut down the number of fixtures needed across a scheme.

Based on the traditional E37 or E40 fixtures, the new Retrofit Corn Lamps can be used for a straightforward lamp replacement without the need for a system or luminaire exchange to help keep the cost and time of an installation to a minimum.

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