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Chicago LED Streetlights Get Thumbs Down From Student Advocates

The City of Chicago is soliciting feedback on its new LED streetlights, being tested in seven neighborhoods, and a group of Amundsen High School students aren't holding back on their opinions. Terrible, they pronounced, after checking out the pilot lights in place on Jersey Avenue, between Bryn Mawr and Hollywood. The teens have spent the last year studying light pollution, taking their "Starry Chicago" presentation to the Aspen Ideas Festival. They met last spring with members of the Chicago Infrastructure Trust, which is overseeing the Smart Lighting Project, to argue against the LEDs.


  1. One reason why LED is good and bad is because the city is not upgrading it's infrastructure. They want to put new LED lights on old street lights poles and wiring. The old street lights poles are anywhere from 60 to 80 feet apart thus not allowing enough light between poles.

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