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New HomeKit-enabled LED Light Bulb from Koogeek arrives at $37

Koogeek has officially released its new HomeKit-enabled Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb. Its $37 price tag represents one of the lowest entry-points that we’ve seen when it comes to HomeKit lighting. Unlike Philips Hue, Koogeek does not require a standalone hub to deliver smartphone control thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi radio. More details below. There are any number of ways to bring HomeKit-compatible lighting to your home. Koogeek already offers an add-on socket that while easy to install, isn’t as sleek as an individual bulb like the one announced today. Outside of a few other brands, there simply aren’t many viable options for LED lighting that works with Apple’s ecosystem.


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  2. LED bulbs are getting into trend with the passage of time, I myself prefer to have them than tube lights or ordinary bulb. This one look good, but overpriced I believe.


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